Essential Digital Skills Passport
Module 1: Getting Started
How to use computer hardware... Read more
Module 2: Getting Online
The Internet and the World Wide Web,... Read more
Module 3: Music and Audio Files
Upload, download, share and store Music... Read more
Module 4: Social Networking
Privacy and safety online. Using social networks... Read more
Module 5: Photos and Digital Image Files
Operate software on a digital camera... Read more
Module 6: Video
Operate a digital video device... Read more
Module 7: Web Share
Creating CDs and DVDs. Upload and share your files... Read more
Professional Digital Skills Passport
Module 1: Computing Fundamentals
Fundamental knowledge required to use a computer... Read more
Module 2: Desktop Computing
Operating systems, managing files and folders,... Read more
Module 3: Word Processing
To produce professional level documents... Read more
Module 4: Presentations
To design and deliver a professional presentation... Read more
Module 5: Databases
How to understand databases, how to create... Read more
Module 6: Spreadsheets
The concept of spreadsheets... Read more
Module 7: Online I.T. Skills
Socialising, studying and working online... Read more
Module 8: I.T. Security
To be safe and secure when operating on the web... Read more
Module 9: Workplace Productivity
The role of ICT in the modern workplace... Read more
Module 10: Social Media in the Workplace
To use social media channels positively, safely... Read more